Roosevelt Long Island can claim many celebrated figures, and chief among them would be famed, and now iconic rap group Public Enemy. An outfit known for their revolutionary, pro-black / anti-government lyricism and groundbreaking production, are still sought after representatives even within a demonizing media. PE's fiery rhymes and unique stage show won millions of fans across the globe and having helmed the main mic for a legendary period is Chuck D. If Hip Hop were a nation Chuck D would be the president, democratically nominated by an inspired generation of musicians and music followers, around the world.

The critical and commercial success of Public Enemy opened the doors for MistaChuck to deliver a message through a number of different mediums, extending a reach to all segments of the population. From a featured host on the Fox News Channel to best-selling author of his autobiography, "Fight The Power." He is a highly sought-after and popular speaker on the college lecture circuit (universities ranging from Harvard to Howard), a prominent member of the music industry's non-profit organizations MusicCares and Rock The Vote (which honored him with the Patrick Lippert Award in 1996 for his contributions to community service) and founder of the SlamJamz label.
Chuck D has led the musical and social movement as national spokesperson for Rock The Vote, the National Urban League and the National Alliance of African American Athletes; while appeared in public service announcements for HBO's campaign for national peace and the Partnership for the Drug Free America as well as a regular guest on numerous television shows including Nightline, Politically Incorrect and on CNN. The Public Enemy 20th anniversary album, tour and subsequent international media presence have livened yet another generation, as MistaChuck strives to use his diverse and dedicated presence within the digital and technological realm to forge a musical path for said generation. From a book imprint with partner Yusuf Jah, to subsidiary labels such as SHEdigital; the innovative empire born of twenty years of serving the people with power is set to launch even more unique vehicles for new talent.