Born Filip Pade in Szczecin, Poland on the 2nd January 1979, discovered his passion for Rap Music in the late 80’s, as he discovered the sounds of Public Enemy, Ice T and Paris. Soon he did his own writing and practiced very hard, in order to develop his special and unique flow. In 1995 the magic began as he stepped up on stage for the first time; the reps were propelling and so was his enthusiasm. Only a year later the first Demo appeared and made its way to London and even Hamburg, muddling up the underground scene. More gigs followed and soon became the „Lyrical Cheetah“ pre- act of groups like Killa Instinct, Kool Savas or Phi Life Cypher just to name a few.

In 2001 he released the New Age Rebelism E.P. on Hardcore One, alongside DJ Taste under the name of Last Resort. A year later, the Lawless Maxi followed, same label, same combo. Both Records gained quickly underground fame from Switzerland to Japan. Last Resort also founded the label Revolt Records, on which later his first solo album was released. But until then, they entered the Drum & Bass and Jungle Scene, where DJ Taste and Gambit knew how to roll with their own productions. So it was DJ Taste on the decks, Gambit and MC Alkaline, former Member of the legendary UK Crew Gunshot, on the vocals. After artistic differences, Last Resort split up and Gambit started his solo career working with other DJ’s and most importantly on his first solo album Another Planet, which was released in 2008. Another Planet was like the title expresses a jumpy experimental album that pleased old as well as new fans across the Hip Hop nation. 

Working on new tracks, he did some remixes and features (e.g. My Boy by Copy & Paste), had three of his tracks released on the established Coast2Coast Mixtapes in the US and returned to Drum & Bass alongside DJ Dusky. The second solo album Shutta Island, a raging 18 tracker was released in 2011 and quickly became a first pick within the world of Urban Music.

In 2013 he released the vendetta e.p. as “Ironfist” on vinyl, a hardcore hip hop project feat. Reach da Reapa, undoubtedly a raging record that featured european Hip Hop icons like DJ Stylewarz and Mistah Bohze. After this record he appeared as feature MC on various uk and german releases, from 32 Troop to Planet of the Fakes, DJ Highlfy’s Rohstoff project, Pure Doze to Iceski & Merlin.

Gambit's latest album is Underground Kingpin, released thru The SpitSLAM Record Label Group, featuring guest appearances by Jahi, Tak, Firebird, Junior Lawless, Iceski, Kid Lyrical, and Chuck D.


Era Nova Rise by MC Gambit